Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life. Henry Miller

Our apartments have a very precise common thread that distinguishes them: Art.
This is part of our experience; in fact, we have an artist in the family – Vania – who engages our guests with glimpses of her art in every corner. 

4 houses, 13 apartments, one single style… la passion for Art, for Nature, is certainly evident in the construction and the furnishings of our two holiday houses, where hospitality, comfort, friendship and the pleasures of Art are very much present. Located in quiet areas, one of our two houses stands at the entrance to the town and the other at the end of the long, winding Livigno valley.
Years of experience in tourism and hospitality have given us a deep understanding of guests’ re-quirements and the humility to constantly improve. 

…why us? Our clients answer this question with their smiles, the real friendship that develops between us, the positive reviews and constructive criticism we receive from them.
Our children and our little dog have made us see the priorities of families who travel with small children and pets, and to satisfy their needs.
Garavatti and Cusini family


For us, art is a constant source of inspiration

Vania Cusini is an artist from Livigno who with time, education, determination and passion has built up her own atelier, which is also Livigno’s first art gallery, with a permanent exhibition of her works and occasional events. The Atelier is also a workshop, where ideas are born and take shape.

Visit Vania Cusini’s website and follow the Atelier and Vania on Facebook